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March 22, 2013
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You groaned as you placed your head on your desk.

"Something wrong (First Name)?" you heard Haruhi ask you as she stood beside your desk. You were the only person other than the host club that knew Haruhi's 'secret'.

"Why do we have to do a foreign language class?" you asked as you slightly lifted your head so your (e/c) eyes were staring into Haruhi's chocolate brown ones.

"Because we have to" a familiar voice said behind you.

"Hey Kaoru" you murmured without looking back. You mentally cursed yourself when you realized you forgot to act like you couldn't tell the twins apart.  

"How'd you know I was Kaoru?" he asked as he sat down at the empty desk beside yours. You cursed at yourself mentally again. You had to think of a reason other than the fact that you have a massive crush on him.

"Lucky guess?" you questioned yourself as you looked at Kaoru out of the corner of your eye.

"You going to swing by the club?" Haruhi asked to change the subject. She knew all about your crush on Kaoru, after all she was your best friend.

"I can't" you said as you placed your head back on your desk.

"Why not?" Kaoru asked as he patted your arm gently. You groaned since you didn't want to tell your crush that you were failing your foreign language class.

"She's failing her foreign language class" Haruhi said knowing about your troubles.

"Hey!" you yelled at her as you bolted upright.

"What?" she asked as she held her hands up with a confused expression on her face.

"You can't go round and tell others when someone is failing a class! It's not like I'm perfect like you, so I going to end up not doing so well in a class but I don't want everyone knowing about it!" you said as you completely forgot that Kaoru was still sitting at the desk next to you.

"Maybe I could help you" Kaoru said as he gave you a small smile. Since you forgot he was there though, you squealed and fell off you chair when he spoke up. You hit the ground with a thud and you didn't bother getting up.

"You okay (First Name)?" Kaoru asked as he knelt beside you. You groaned then looked at him with a pained expression.

"No" you said as you clutched your rib cage. You winced when Haruhi pulled a textbook out from under you.

"I wonder who left that textbook there?" you asked no one in particular as you tried to sit up.

"Lie back down" Kaoru said as he gently pushed you back down.

"You landed on the textbook right?" Haruhi asked as she stood up. You nodded then winced in pain again.

"She should probably go to the nurse's office" Haruhi told Kaoru as if you weren't lying on the ground in pain. He nodded in agreement and then picked you up bridal style. You blushed badly and began to stutter at the close contact with Kaoru.

"W-what d-do you think your d-doing!" you stuttered while he began to walk out of the classroom. You looked at Haruhi as she sent a mischievous grin. As Kaoru was carrying you to the nurse's office you could tell that Haruhi was walking slower so she would leave you and Kaoru alone. You sent her a glare and she got the message.

-Time-skip to the nurse's office!-

You were lying on the bed mentally killing Haruhi for leaving you here alone with Kaoru.

"How are you feeling now?" Kaoru asked as he sat beside the bed you were lying on. You turned your head to look at him and gave him a weak smile.

"Better but it still hurts" you said before the nurse came in, followed by Hikaru.

"Seems like you may have bruised a couple of ribs" the nurse said before she left you and the twins alone.

"I guess you were right when you said school was deadly" Hikaru said with a smile. You chuckled softly and glanced at Kaoru giving Hikaru a dirty look. Hikaru must have seen Kaoru's face and began to hastily say his goodbyes.

"Well I'm glad to see you're not dead, I'll see you later (First Name)" Hikaru said as he waved and left.

"Don't you have to go to the Host Club?" you asked Kaoru after Hikaru left. Kaoru stayed silent and looked away from you.

"Kaoru?" you called as you waited for a response.

"I just want to make sure your alright. I mean you did have a spectacular fall" Kaoru said as he smiled at you while staring into you (e/c) eyes and you got lost in his gorgeous green brown eyes. You and Kaoru ended up staring at each other for a while until you averted your gaze.

"I think you should be gong to the club, it's more important than I am" you said while hiding a blush. Your (h/l) (h/c) hair covered your (e/c) eyes so Kaoru couldn't see the sadness in them.

"What? The Host Club is no where near as important as you" Kaoru said as he grabbed your chin gently and lifting his face so he was gazing into your eyes.

"Nothing is more important than you" Kaoru said before he gently pressed his lips to yours. Your eyes widened in shock but then after a moment your eyes fluttered closed and you kissed him back. The two of you kissed gently until you needed to part for air.

"I never knew you felt the same way" you muttered as your forehead was resting against Kaoru's.

"I'm glad you do though" Kaoru said before he quickly pecked you on the lips.

"Me too" you said as you sent him a dazzling smile. You gazed into Kaoru's eyes until the door to the nurse's office burst open. You and Kaoru pull away from each other and look towards the door.

"My beautiful daughter (First Name)! Are you okay?" Tamaki asked as he swept you into a hug. You yelped in pain and Tamaki immediately put you back on the bed.

"I'm so sorry (First Name)!" Tamaki wailed before he went to hug you again but more gently. Before Tamaki could hug you, an arm went across your body preventing Tamaki from touching you.

"Back off boss! She's mine" Kaoru said to Tamaki before he wrapped an arm around your shoulders.
So this was requested by :icondangolover215:! I hope you like it and I'm sorry if anyone is out of character. Thank you all for the support you guys have given me with my writing! You're all amazing!
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